Team Team 3990: Tech for Kids is more than a robotics team: it is also a multidisciplinary project. The team’s project consists of three components: community, education and self-development.

First of all, the team encourages student retention through the holding of activities related to robotics for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. These youths, not having the resources to apply their knowledge on technology, receive educational materials, software, moral support, a spirit of cooperation, and an amazing team to complete small robot projects that will allow them to discover a passion for science and technology.

Second of all, this young team is constantly in contact with professionals and academics enthusiasts in the fields of engineering, science, management, communications and the arts to promote their team work and prepare them for the workplace. Through their involvement in all project areas like communication, programming, and engineering,  young people are constantly inspired to create professional and innovative projects, drawing on the knowledge gained through their mentors.

Finally, the team aims to provide its members with an environment that not only allows them to apply the knowledge gained, but also to trust and develop their ideas. These high schoolers  accomplish a multidisciplinary project, extending over a school year, which motivates them to excel. They come back year after year, as students, and then as mentors to continue transmitting their passion and knowledge to tomorrow’s leaders.

In conclusion, Tech for Kids brings together mentors, students and young people around a single project: to help young people from all backgrounds to persevere in achieving their personal goals. Beyond the academic project, we want to make Tech for Kids a community project that crosses the boundaries of conventional learning. Resourcefulness and mutual trust summarize our philosophy.